Crazy Ideas Abound

Ok, so I had an idea. I may have been slightly off the planet on tiredness and codeine, but it seemed like a good idea. The theory is that I blog on, but by the wonder of IFTTT my blog posts appear by magic on So here I am, writing this and wondering if this was a good idea or if the codeine has messed with my ability to make sensible decisions. Ah well, if it turns out to be a silly idea, I’ll just turn off the IFTTT magic, and all will be as it was. So much pain the last couple of days means more codeine unfortunately.

Categorized as Prose

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. … don’t know what it is you are talking about, but it confuses me – I wanted to just ‘like’ the piece about being foetal on the office floor but was faced with some big empty boxes wanting all sorts of information and (somehow) I have found myself here where the foetal-piece doesn’t seem to be found; but mostly I am concerned about the codeine and that back of yours, I am doing something about it … NOW


    1. Sorry Mark, it is very confusing isn’t it. Basically what I wanted to do was keep my blogs alive and use as my central archive of all my posts. So using a tool called ‘if this then that’ – – I can make it grab the latest item from an rss feed (eg from this blog) and then post that as a new post on The problem was that in my feed it included comments and links to comments which then came through to suzyblue and confused everyone including me! I’ve removed them from the feed so it should be simpler now. If you’re reading on suzyblue, you can comment there and if you’re reading here, you can comment here … am I making sense? I haven’t had to take any codeine yet today, so do not be concerned 🙂


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