implausible news
of a malfunctioning left buttock
has me stretching
inaccessible areas
contorting limbs
and looking in surprise
at the feebleness
of my efforts
and it hurts
my goodness it hurts
and yet
I find relief in
doing something
in taking action
against the pain
despite it causing pain
but hoping that this pain
is good pain
unlike the other pain
all this
from an unlikely
with the view of my posterior
in a mirror
by helpful physio
there displayed
my deficient buttock
clothed in my least favourite
(I did not know
they’d be on show)
despite embarrassment
I stared in wonder
at the lack
and now I fight
with exercises
and groaning
more vigorously
than before
I am spurred on
by my

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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