Autumn Bounty

Autumn is firmly here, despite a few warm days. Mornings start cold and misty, and today there was a touch of frost. The trees are changing colour. Currently the Beech is turning yellow and later in the year it will turn to brown.

Along the wall by the church, the cotoneaster is covered in berries and the tiny ferns are loaded with spores:

In the hedgerow the Honeysuckle has mostly turned to berries, with an occasional flower remaining.

The Blackthorn sloes are big and fat, with their usual blue-ish ‘blush’:

The Dog Rose hips are fat and bright in the hedges:

I couldn’t find so many hazelnuts, so either they’ve been eaten or I just didn’t look hard enough.

The big Oak tree has definitely decided it’s autumn – the leaves are falling and there are a fair few acorns on the ground:

Another thing I spotted was several of the Hazels have started growing little catkins. I guess these are the ones I will see all opened up and dangly in the spring.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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