Dandelion Central

A couple of weeks ago I was taking photos in the garden and my eye was caught by a hoverfly on a dandelion flower, so I started watching it and taking some photos. I was surprised to find that there was another occupant of the flower – a spider – lurking underneath. The spider had a web from the flower to nearby objects and at one point the hoverfly got caught in it on the way to the flower, and then escaped. You’d think that would put it off, but it kept coming back even so – that flower must have had delicious nectar! A great strategy from the spider there – finding a very popular flower and carefully setting up nearby. I think the spider was pretty well fed – it was finishing off something in the first couple of shots, and would have had a go at the hoverfly I think if it hadn’t escaped, despite the size difference!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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