I am what I am
and what I am right now
is barely functional
woken by woodlouse
on my head 
shocked into

I have stumbled through the day
eyes dry and sore
dragging my aching limb 

but at least it was just a woodlouse
and not the sky falling in
as the roof flew off in the gales 
and the sodden plaster splattered my face
drenching my pillow 

at least it was not that
(though, heart racing, I felt it was)

woodlice feel quite damp
when landing on your skin

I should like to be a woodlouse
quietly pottering
no worries
or concerns
and if alarmed 
I’d curl up in a ball
quite safe

not falling

not falling
on anyone

that is not my wish

21st October 2014, non-fiction

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. We know that feeling of sharing your home with a host of nature’s smaller friends 🙂 They are fortunate to live life at a different pace – they keep different hours – and then, when our paths cross, sometimes the timing is incredibly inconvenient 🙂 Hope you have a peaceful night, Suzy 🙂

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