Outbreaks of patchy rain or drizzle

The weather at the moment has not been so nice – not all that good for photography. I have very little time and then when I do, the weather is as above. So I nipped out when the rain and drizzle had stopped for a minute and got a few shots. It’s now raining again :-/ Ah well, at least I got out for a few minutes 🙂

Autumn leaf caught in a raindrop on the hedge
Many raindrops collected on this Tulip Tree leaf
Beech leaves fallen in the bird bath, with droplets magnifying their veins

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I love the ‘weather forecast’ title! Lovely raindrop images 🙂 A shame you aren’t seeing any of the dry Autumn walking weather we have been enjoying lately – it’s been beautiful in the woods 🙂


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