Late Bloom

I took this photo a few days ago in a sunny spell. When I get home from work it’s dark so there’s no chance of photography, so I amuse myself by looking at previous photos and seeing what I can do with them. This is my lavender which after recovering from being smothered in a wild flower bed, is now blooming in November. I doubt that this lovely little flower will get pollinated, and I’m not sure if it will survive the frosts, but at least I’ve been able to enjoy its joyful recovery 🙂


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. Lovely late lavender! 🙂 We have seen a few things blooming recently that are normally finished for the season months ago. Your lavender looks like it has thrived, judging from this flower, Suzy. As long as the pot is well-drained and we don’t have a very harsh winter I think your plant should be fine. I have some Old English lavender in my back yard that has survived through several winters. 🙂

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