A world of white

Frosty Twig

The frost was more impressive today. Yesterday was a sparse ground frost only. Today it was one of those frosts that coats everything including ground, plants, trees, and pretty much every garden fixture. I should have taken a wide shot to show how white it all was, but as usual I went the macro route …

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. i really like #6 on the right there the “Z” blue shot is very very Kewl to say da’ least! ……. intriguing ! capture…i love takin kewl shots, an see really kewl ones here @ ur werld thanks fer da share , delightful page here ! lol with the snowflakes in background, i can relate , have to go out an shovel a bit of that white stuff now here also .. Splendid warm new years wishes 2 u miss suzyblu ❤ peace

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  2. Amazing, amazing photographs, Suzy. You have no idea how hard I worked to find them as my Reader kept jumping ahead over them. I finally googled you, getting the wrong spelling of your name, of course. There is a fashion designer with the same name. Is that you? At any rate, finally found these pictures which I’d just seen flying by before. They are so beautiful and I’m curious about what conditions create this sort of frost configuration. Happy New Year. Judy

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