Squirrel Buffet

I promised you squirrels and here they are!

Yesterday my children were providing the squirrels with a delightful buffet of hazelnuts – all they had to do was be brave enough to come and get one from their hands. For most of the squirrels down by the seafront in Bournemouth Gardens, this was not problem as they are quite tame but one or two were a bit more cautious. Anyway, fun was had by all and the squirrels enjoyed their feast.

A more cautious squirrel observing activities from a safe height
A sweet, rather shy squirrel whose nerve kept going just as he nearly reached a hand holding hazelnuts. He retreated behind this stump for a while, peeking round to see if it was safe to come out!
A brave squirrel munching on his prize
This rather plump squirrel seems to be eating his nut with a smug expression on his face! Probably due to the fact that he got the nut, and the pigeons didn’t 🙂
This squirrel found the whole affair extremely amusing and couldn’t stop laughing (at least that’s how he looks to me!).
This squirrel confidently rests his paws on my daughter’s hand while trying to collect multiple nuts.
He gently holds on to her finger to make sure she stays still and lets him get them all 🙂
This one poses beautifully, with tail at the perfect angle, while nibbling his nut
And finally this one perches on the back of a bench giving me a great opportunity for a less grey background with lots of lovely bokeh 🙂 He basically completely ignored me so I could get in really close – there are closer shots on Flickr. He also made someone else’s day – there was a girl presumably new to the whole Bournemouth squirrels thing who was thrilled to be so near to a squirrel and took a selfie of herself with him 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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