A Step Back

Sometimes I must remember that more can be better … I tend to focus closely on my subjects whereas occasionally a better photo can be gained by allowing the bigger picture to be seen.

So, for example, I might usually tend to take a photo like this of a Celandine:


Whereas, when I step back (literally) I get the bigger picture of the Celandine among the hedgerow grass:


Here’s another ‘bigger picture’ Celandine. I think this is one of my favourite Celandine shots. I love the bokeh! This was all because I went for an early walk on a sunny day so there was a lot of dew (or possibly raindrops) hanging around making lovely sparkles.


When I was taking photos of the Cuckooflowers I mostly focused on individual flower heads, but in this one I was trying to get the effect of the meadow of flowers, with grass, dandelions and dewdrop bokeh.


Stitchwort is now growing in profusion in the hedgerow, so to give you the feeling of the numbers I took a step back from them to see them all rather than my usual single flower.


This one is an Elm tree – they have these beautiful frilly flowers that I only discovered in the last couple of years. Previously I wouldn’t have looked twice, just assuming something green was spring leaves. If you were to go too close these wouldn’t look that interesting, but from this distance you see the frilly effect, and of course I love that background of soft sky and more elm flowers.


Finally, these bluebells. Not quite the usual ‘carpet of bluebells’ shot, as I’m just dealing with a few flowers in a hedgerow, but a wider shot that I usually take. I love how we have 2 blues here – the blue of the bluebells and the blue sky (as I was taking the photo from a low angle).


Hope you enjoyed my step back. Don’t expect too much of this though as I can’t resist getting in close! 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Hi Suzy, An interesting post – I love the bluebell photo in particular, though they are all good. I am similar in that I really like to get up close and personal to my flowers, but I am now trying to consider the backgrounds more as the whole composition is very important. Have you come across Rosie at Leavesnbloom. She has got backgrounds off to a tee – her photos are so beautiful. (Not sure if I can add a url here without going into the spam folder – but you should be able to Google her blog).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. All right… super busy. Work is slaughtering me at moment, and then going to UK for vacation in June, so trying to tidy things up. But man, the coffee tastes good in the spring mornings…

        Hope you’re well, Audra.


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