More Hoppers

I mentioned grasshoppers in my last post and there wasn’t just that one that I included in the post … there were loads! It made me laugh seeing them springing around everywhere as I walked through the grass near the village pond.

I was trying to identify these but it seems like telling grasshopper species apart is rather tricky, so I gave up!

Here’s a brownish grasshopper:IMG_4211-Edit

This one was teeeeeny! Those are little bits of wood chip and I think the bit it’s sat on was a pine needle or similar. Cute isn’t it? 🙂


And here’s a shiny green one which I think may be a female as it looks like it might be laying eggs in the 2nd picture.

IMG_4245-Edit IMG_4246-Edit

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I work for people whose surname in Italian means cricket, an insect related to grasshopper. Their loo is decorated with pictures and graphics of crickets. They are quite something, meaning the bugs not my bosses 😉. Summer can’t go without its chirps. Great photos!

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