Shy Creatures and Crochet

I went for a walk yesterday and as usual spent some time by the village pond. I chased a dragon for quite some time, hindered by a local kitten that insisted on wrapping itself around my legs at inopportune moments! I was a little disappointed to only get a couple of shots, but when I got home and looked at them, I’m rather fond of them. The dragonfly appeared to be looking at me, then shyly hiding itself behind the grass stalk.

Ooh there’s someone looking at me!
Quick, hide! (Available on my shop as a greeting card as well as many other products)

Further on past the pond and I spotted a Speckled Wood butterfly. I was trying to get a shot and every time I clicked it flew off, landing shortly afterwards. Then it peered at me from behind a leaf like a shy child hiding behind his mother’s legs.

Eek, someone’s looking at me!
Ooh do I dare to venture out? (no!)

Even the ferns were being all coy, though I thought they were past the curly-wurly-unfurly phase by now!

Curly-wurly-unfurly Ferns

It seemed that the only wildlife that would stay still and behave was my new work-in-progress – a Wildflower Bag – part one of which is complete:

Part 1 done of Wildflower Shoulder Bag CAL

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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