Mutual Attraction

I’m beginning to wonder if I have bit of a mutual attraction thing going on with dragonflies! You know how much I love them, right? Well, it appears they’re getting quite fond of me too, at least they’re fond of my feet!

Last weekend while watching my daughter and friends doing a cross-country competition, this little guy (Common Darter) came and sat on my welly boot for quite some time (while it was attached to my foot). Me and my friend’s daughter peered at it and took photos while it just calmly sat there.


And then yesterday another dragonfly took a liking to my foot as I sat next to the village pond watching 3 different species of dragonfly flying about. This one is a Southern Hawker female, and she was busy ovipositing (laying eggs) around the edges of the pond and apparently decided my shoe was a great spot to do this from. She spent quite some time there and wasn’t bothered about my camera lens looming towards her. She even came and went a few times, having a fly around the pond and then returning to me to continue. I felt very fortunate and only had to move in the end as I was getting too hot, sat there in the sun!


Thank you Ms Southern Hawker, it was lovely to meet you 🙂


Perhaps I should experiment with footwear and see if I can attract any other species with different pairs of shoes! 😉

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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