Finding My Happy

My happy place isn’t an actual place … more a type of place. It could be anywhere really, as long as there’s nature to explore. My happy can be found in a relaxing stroll among the plants and small creatures, getting down among the grass stalks and seeing what I can see.

Perhaps I will find a seed making a nice shadow on a blade of grass:


Or spot some beautiful grass flowers, which are often unappreciated:


There might be a hoverfly enjoying the ragwort, with the sunshine making everything glow:


I may meet weird and wonderful creatures down in the undergrowth, like this unusual ‘snout hoverfly’ (Rhingia campestris):


Or I may delight in finding an interesting shieldbug that I’ve not seen very often (a Hairy Shieldbug in this case):


I might discover how cute and tiny baby Dock Bugs are:


I may glory in the chirruping of grasshoppers, and enjoy the challenge of finding them and getting a shot:


And of course my favourite Dragonflies make any location a happy place:


And I have a soft spot for the Speckled Wood butterflies too, less showy than some others, but just as beautiful:


The wonder of intricate webs can be part of my happy too (as long as the spider doesn’t scuttle towards me!):


Happiness is being out in the middle of nature
Looking at the small things

As long as it’s not raining :-/

Although …

then there will be droplets! 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Place.”

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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