Fluctuating State of Mind


My state of mind has fluctuated quite a bit this morning. I realised the day was bright and calm so rushed to get washed and dressed and headed out with the camera. At first I was uplifted. Sunshine, not too cold, blue sky, fresh air, what could be better.

Then my mood dropped a little as I realised there wasn’t much to photograph.

Soon my mood changed to joy when I saw a lovely collection of dangly catkins as well as Celandines brightening the verges, and even a friendly Thrush. Spring really is springing!

The walk ended on a slightly less positive note when I realised I simply wouldn’t be able to manage to walk all the way down through the woods and back as I was in too much pain 😦 Sadly when walking on rough, uneven ground, I end up jarring my back over and over, making the pain shoot right through me like an electric shock. So I turned around and strolled slowly home to have a cup of tea and some pain killers. I’m going to have to face facts and try to keep to roads, pavements and wheelchair-friendly type paths from now on I think…

However, back in the garden at home I cheered up a bit to see fluffy Willow catkins, a couple of flies (not that exciting to most, but they represent the return of the insects to me!), and the Jackdaws starting to nest. I remembered that even if I can’t go for a long walk I can enjoy the nature in my garden. I’m hoping to buy some wildflowers and pond/bog plants from Naturescape this spring to put round the pond to really encourage the dragonflies and damselflies 🙂

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Enjoying the nature you have in your own garden sounds a good way to cope with your back pain Suzy. I’ve been out this morning looking for wildflowers and have found very little to see too, except Gorse and lots of Catkins which are always jolly to see.

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  2. I always reckon catkins say, ‘Winter’s not over yet, but it’s on its way out.’ Love the idea of the friendly thrush. They don’t seem to fret too much about us humans, do they?


  3. Sorry to hear of your back pain, Suzy….For my part I am maddened by my limited walking these days, but just try to build in coping strategies and lower expectations, but never give up!

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  4. Lovely photos. I adore seeing celandine flowers, their brightness always cheer me up. Since my leg injury few years ago, I know I need to be careful when out and about walking and not strain it too much. Take care.

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