Self-Conscious Contentment


I was thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge (State of Mind) some more and pondering the idea of the eyes being the “window to the soul” and showing the state of mind through them. This led me to thinking about trying to do a portrait shot. However, no one else was around, so I decided to take photos of myself! I am not the most confident of people, so posting a photo of myself is difficult. I pick out all my flaws in every shot. But this is supposed to be about the quality of the photography, not the quality of my face … so I’m going with it!

I decided to try and capture ‘contentment’ as my state of mind. I looked out at the garden from my peaceful living room, saw the fields behind the garden and the blue sky. I felt content in the moment and managed to ignore the camera briefly. It’s the photo I took that makes me cringe the least!


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. What a lovely photo. You captured contentment. You look happy and serene and you also look like you’re on the verge of laughter. I don’t see any evidence of cringing. Good job!

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