Floral Dance

My garden is not exactly ‘gardened’ as you might have guessed from all the wildlife garden posts. Apart from when we created the pond, mostly the back garden is allowed to do it’s own thing. We do hack back brambles and over enthusiastic bamboo, but I love to let it grow as it wishes. What I really want is a garden that is like going out for a walk in the countryside, with wildflowers and creatures all getting on with their lives around me. With my back/leg problems sometimes going for a walk is harder than it sounds, so having my own wild garden is important to me.

You’ve met the damselflies, the frogs & newts, and various insects and spiders, so here are some of the flowers that are choosing to grow in my garden at the moment.

Columbines (there are LOADS of these this year)
Herb Robert
Welsh Poppy
Herb Robert

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I have a tiny city garden but I feel blessed that it backs onto a wild city lane. Lots of free association going on there. Now that my neighbour down the lane has established a bee hive, new flower species seem to be popping up all over. Hope your back is feeling better.

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