On Edge

You may interpret my title in more than one way…

Literally speaking I am thinking about insects perched on the edge of things, but without the ‘the’ it suddenly means something else entirely. Something else that I am pretty familiar with these days with the anxiety when it hits. But I think photos of Dragonflies are nicer than photos of me looking anxious, so enjoy these instead 🙂

Female Black Darter Dragonfly
Male Black Darter Dragonfly
Male Black Darter Dragonfly
Black Darter Dragonflies, mating
Male Black Darter Dragonfly
Female Black Darter Dragonfly
Female Black Darter Dragonfly
Male Black Darter Dragonfly – this one decided my hand looked like something good to perch on the edge of

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


      1. I posted about the issue last Monday… seems rather a lot of my stuff headed into spam boxes! Thanks for rescuing my comments. 😉


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