Autumn by the river

As I mentioned, last weekend I took a long walk through the woods down by the river. It was beautiful! I’m glad I went then because this weekend is mostly grey and damp and we’ve had a lot of wind during the week which will have stripped of some of these lovely leaves. The only down side to my walk was that according to my back/leg I went a little too far, and suffered for it afterwards. However, I think it was worth it.

Soon after I started walking I came upon this lovely site – a gorgeous Beech tree that had already created a lovely carpet of orange leaves on the ground:


Looking out at the river from under the tree:


And looking back at the tree again, with its glorious orange carpet:


Close up of a branch complete with raindrop:


Further on in my walk I came to this raised area, where there was another beautiful carpet of leaves. As the sun came out the shadows of the trees made stripes on the carpet and you can even see me there too if you look:


With the sun streaming through the trees, the light was lovely:


There was still a fair amount of greenery, although it was mostly turning at least yellowish, if not golden orange:


Further on, the path went under the trees and again, the carpet of orange leaves made it look magical:


I had to keep stopping to take another photo round every corner!:


And finally, back near the river again I took another shot of the trees on the bank, with a little glimpse of the river on the right:


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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