Harmony of Nature


As I walk, I feel in harmony with nature. The ebb and flow of the seasons, the emergence of each sign of spring’s arrival. I am part of the place, the time, the growth. The brief interruption by the need to become a temporary shepherdess strengthens the feeling as the ewes and lambs obey my directions back into their field (gate carelessly left open). All around me flowers are opening, leaves are bursting from their buds and ferns unfurl. Insects buzz and occasional butterflies cause me to make chase in slow motion, trying to capture a photograph without frightening them away. Eyes peeled to the undergrowth I walk slowly, limping slightly, waiting for the next wonder to be shared with me in the symphony of spring colour, shot through with fresh clean green.

Honeybee on Bluebell
Fresh Oak leaves
Honeybee on Dandelion
Speckled Wood Butterfly
Unfurling Fern

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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