Small World

I may not travel very far afield I do have a drive to keep wandering round the local area and peering into the lives of the insects and plants that live here. I want to see what is stirring in these days of spring, and visit the places where different types of creatures and plants make their homes. There’s the spot in the woods where Speckled Wood Butterflies like to hang out, the village pond where the Dragonflies will whiz around, the marshy field where the Cuckooflowers and Buttercups will make a beautiful show, Cors Caron where I get to see Common Lizards and more Dragons. My world may be relatively small, but it is teeming with life and new things to see as the seasons change. I see the things that others don’t always notice…

March Fly resting its tiny hairy body
Dock Beetle contemplating the edge of a leaf and where to go from here
A different type of unfurling fern – this one is a Hart’s Tongue Fern
Mirid Bug doing whatever it is that Mirid Bugs do
A pair of Phantom Craneflies
A Red-and-black Froghopper having a break from hopping
A spider hiding quite successfully on Bluebell buds

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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