After the flowers

After the flowers have passed, we sometimes think all the beauty of the plant has gone, and we don’t think about enjoying the next stage. I’m growing wildflowers so I’m keen to let them do as nature intended and am still observing their development. You can see the structure and shape of the plants in more detail as they are producing seeds or dying back ready for next year.

This is Meadowsweet – I love the curly little seed heads, and of course a lovely little Shieldbug visitor is very welcome:

This is a Willowherb which is still flowering a little, but I love how the seed pods open with little ladders of fluff from the seeds. When the wind blows they’ll be off to new areas to grow more flowers next year.

This one is a Salvia, which was covered in purple flowers. Now there are just the remains of the flowers, and a spider is enjoying this as his home.

This is the remains of a Knapweed flower – just the outer casing remains. Lovely curly frills all around.

This one’s a bit of a mess but I find it interesting. This is the Vipers Bugloss which had vibrant blue & pink flowers. Now it’s a fuzzy skeleton, looking rather mysterious.

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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