Experimenting with Droplets

I have been trying to capture my orchid in a water droplet today. It’s not the easiest thing, taking quite a bit of trial and error. I had to create a droplet that wasn’t so big that it immediately dripped off, then I had to try and get the droplet in focus, as well as making sure things were positioned correctly to get the orchid showing in the droplet.

On one of my first attempts, the droplet was a little small and being able to see the actual orchid in the background was a little too much:

In this one the size of the droplet was good, but  there was a lot going on in the droplet other than the orchid! On the right side of the droplet you can see my calendar on the cupboard door in the background!

After a bit of a rejig, I got a couple of shots I was quite happy with, although if I’m honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied with any shot from today. I wanted the orchid to be bigger and in better focus in the droplet. Sadly I had to stop as all the stooping and peering through the viewfinder was setting off my pain.

To show you how it was set up here are 2 shots – one focused on the droplet and then focused on the orchid. Nothing else moved, just the focus.

Focused on the droplet
Focused on the orchid

And finally, here is the orchid, looking beautiful, without the addition of any droplets:

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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