After my post about the Snake’s Head Fritillary, I thought I might show you another flower that changes a fair bit once it is done flowering. This is a Scabious as you would normally see it:

The Scabious flower is not really a single flower at all, it’s a head containing many florets (small flowers). If you look closely you can see each individual floret with its stamens dangling out.

I’ve been observing the ones by my pond and as they prepare to make seeds the petals of each floret fall off like confetti. My pond is strewn with little pink petals. Once all the petals are gone, each floret becomes a little fruit containing the seeds, and as they swell, the head becomes spherical. It reminds me of a Dandelion seed head with the same spherical structure made up of many star shapes. Each little star is the top of the fruit that remains from one of the florets. The little ‘eye lashes’ are very pretty and I presume they assist with dispersal of the seeds. I’m enjoying these cute fluffy little balls as much as the flowers that came before, and there are still a great many flowers too! 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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