Cyclamen Spirals

I hadn’t noticed before how Cyclamen flowers emerge on a curled up stem which unfurls a bit like ferns do. While we were at Compton Acres on Saturday I was photographing a lovely patch of Cyclamen and found the curly stems very cute and appealing. I really must get some Cyclamen for my garden!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. We have some just staring to show and I am keeping an eye on them for some shots later when they are a little bigger. It is quite a clump now, all from one small corm that got lost in the gravel on the edge of the patio…but that was many years ago . Each year the growth dies down and the corm shrivels and all but disappears underground. Come August and it forces its way up through the gravel and then starts to flower…. So far bigger and better each year. Would rather it was elsewhere in the garden but dare not move it.! 🙂

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