Autumn is coming

IMG_9333-EditEven though I love the spring (and summer), I am looking forward to the autumn arriving. The house feels more cosy and inviting with the heating on and lights glowing in the dark. We’ll snuggle under blankets and I’ll crochet more warm things. In the day time I’ll be able to go for walks and look at the autumn colours. I’ll go down to the woods and enjoy that beautiful gold of the beeches. Everything seems to glow golden and I’ll try to capture it with my camera. I’ll look for fungi and admire their cute little mushrooms or wonder at their odd shapes. There will be leaves on the ground to crunch through. I’ll be able to see the changes in our beech tree and watch autumn progress. It’s the same each year but the seasons changes are magical.

I would like to walk with you like we used to. Hand in hand through autumn leaves, looking around for interesting things, and being together. We will re-find our closeness through cosy autumn days. We’ll make warming stews in the slow cooker and come in from the cold to eat together. Looking forward with joy 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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