Creatures of Compton Acres

Yesterday’s tiny caterpillar wasn’t the only creature spotted at Compton Acres. There sadly weren’t any dragonflies or damselflies around, probably because it was a little cooler and not their ideal conditions, but there were other creatures to be found.

First this Hoverfly who seems to be rubbing its hands (legs) in glee about something, like some kind of Bond villain.

It was so busy with its glee (or possibly with cleaning its legs) that it didn’t mind me creeping closer for another shot.

This Honeybee positioned itself as cutely as possible in this red flower (Begonia I think?). It looks cuddly and sweet right? Or is it just me who things bees are cute and cuddly?

I found this spider lurking in the heather garden. Hard to spot at first but I was lucky enough to manage to get it in focus despite all the other things the camera could choose to focus on!

This is where the spider was lurking. If you’re not keen on spiders, you may prefer this photo! You can just see some web strands to the right.

And finally another Honeybee who hadn’t quite mastered the cute pose but it was showing off the stamens of this flower very well 🙂


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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