Today contained a fair bit of pain and bone-tiredness, but it also contained moments of joy.

One of these was looking at plants with my daughter in a shop in town. We walked out into the outside area where the plants are and pretty much the first thing I saw was an Anemone! Just the plant I’ve been saying I wanted to plant in the garden over on my other blog. Now, I have picked up a very cheap little Anemone already but it’s very small and probably won’t flower until next year. The one in the shop was flowering and covered in buds. We had a little walk around but came right back the Anemone, and bought it. It made me smile so much just to buy this pretty plant 😊

Very soon after we got home I planted it out in the garden next to the little one. I hope it will be happy there. It was so satisfying to see it in the ground looking quite at home.

This reminds me that small things can bring joy. And even if the day is filled with pain and tiredness there is still joy to be found if you stay open to it. Each day as I was my Anemone grow and flower will remind me of this.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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