Simple achievements

Today I put clean covers on everyone’s beds, as well as doing a bunch of washing, doing quite a lot of (secret) crochet, and taking my daughter to her riding lesson. May not sound much but I’m exhausted now, especially after poor sleep and feeling a bit icky today. So I am feeling proud of myself for simple achievements. I’d been meaning to strip the beds but now I’ve actually done it even though it was tiring. I’ve stood in a field for an hour with an umbrella stuffed down my coat, so my daughter could ride with her beloved (riding school) pony and have photos to enjoy afterwards. I’ve got all the clothes washed for the week ahead. I’ve made some progress on Christmas crochet projects. So yeah, I’m proud of me. I’m choosing to focus on the good parts of the day and feel proud. And Strictly was on TV tonight and it makes me feel all warm and hopeful, and excited for the run up to Christmas. I have done well today despite my condition. And now I’m sat in bed enjoying the feeling of fresh new covers and admiring some of my crochet.

Yay me 😊

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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