I am sat alone in a room. Sat on a quite squashy sofa. I think it might be a sofa bed, oddly. This is meant to be a meeting of the Disability and Wellbeing Network at my work. I’m the only one here this time. I could feel sad that these meetings aren’t quite taking off. But actually I’m making the most of this quiet time on my own. I have spent some time meditating (with the help of an app) and now I’m just sitting and thinking about how fortunate I am to have this time. I’m networking with myself. Taking time out to just be. Not to work, read, browse facebook or whatever else I end up doing, just sitting, meditating, thinking… and now writing. In fact this writing feels like an extension of the meditating. And throughout, always, there is the breath. Calm and centred. I’d like to stay here but I will have to get back to the busyness of life. Hopefully I can take some of this calm with me.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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