Gentle Giants

Yesterday my daughter and I went to Dyfed Shire Horse Farm again and had a lovely time. The Shire horses are so big but so gentle and sweet natured. Even with something so big it can be worth looking closer, and I enjoyed getting some photos of their beautiful eyes as well as stepping back to get their whole faces in my shots!

Willa Rose

And if you want to see more of these beauties, here they are a little less close…

Willa Rose

And just to show how big they are – here’s Abi with Santes. And she is one of the smaller shires that they have!

Santes and Abi

Inspired mainly by beautiful horses, but also by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Close-up

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Oh Suzy, thank you for posting on these beautiful horses – I love the Shire horse, and that since I was a child. Is it your daughter and Santes? She looks happy too! That first shot of the eye is so gentle and you can see her tender self inside (- and also you, the photographer!). There is a beautiful light in every photo – well done.

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