Knowing where to look

I’m not very good at people.
I’m much better at animals, insects, flowers, etc.

If you were to ask where does Mr Whatever live, I’d probably have no idea, unless he was one of the few people in my village that I do know.

But if you were to ask where can I find some Red Dead-nettles flowering, or where is the best place to look for Wood Anemones, I’m your person!

At the far end of the playing field, there is a patch where you’re guaranteed some Red Dead-nettles, no question…

Red Dead-nettles

In the woods, just before where the old bridge used to be… that’s where you’ll find the Wood Anemones. Not yet, but they’ll be there in April, I promise.

Wood Anemone from last April

What about the first flowers of the year – where can I find snowdrops? Well, take a look round by the church wall, you’ll see plenty there. And just by the Horse Chestnut tree is a good spot.

One of the Snowdrops by the church wall
A snowdrop by the Horse Chestnut tree

How about a good spot to photograph catkins on Hazel, well that would be up by the stile that leads into the lane, not far from the Red Dead-nettle patch.

Catkins with a background of Ivy

And the beautiful Cuckooflowers, where are they? In the hedgerow down by the marshy field, and in the field itself too. And if you’re looking for Orange-tip Butterflies, that’s the place to look for them too – they like Cuckooflowers nearly as much as I do! They’ll be there in May… not yet.

A female Orange-tip on Cuckooflower in May 2017
Cuckooflower in May 2018

And if you’re a fan of Columbine (otherwise known as Granny Bonnets or Aquilegia), you can find them in the hedgerow. A good spot is next to the gate near the Horse Chestnut tree, although it’s also a good spot for Stinging Nettles so don’t get stung!

Columbine from the end of May 2018

Hope you have enjoyed a look at my neighbourhood ๐Ÿ™‚

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Around the Neighborhood.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I’m just the same – I call it being a plant stalker! I’m terrible at recognising cars too, unless they really are too distinctive to miss.

    Your neighbourhood is beautiful – it’s a treat to see it through your eyes, taking advantage of your local knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

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