I joined Octopus for a Preemie UK recently. They’re a charity providing little octopuses (and jellyfish) to hospitals for premature babies to have a bit of comfort. When in the womb the babies play with the umbilical cord, and the tentacles of the octopuses are similar and help them to be calm. I thought at first, this will be easy, I’ve been crocheting for years!… but it’s not that simple as each octopus has to be up to the right standard for a preemie baby to have them.

So after making a practice octo and thinking it was pretty good, I’m realising it was way off! So now I’ve joined at crochet-a-long to learn all the little details that make the octopuses just right.

Practice Octo

Today I thought I was clever, and had the yarn under technique sorted. I got all the way to round 16 before I realised I hadn’t watched the rest of the CAL videos for this week… oops, had to start again as I didn’t do invisible increases!

Doesn’t look too bad, cut all the increases weren’t invisible ones!
Hurrah, this one is using yarn under and invisible increases. I’ve learnt my lesson and stopped at the same point at this week’s videos rather than getting ahead of myself. Hopefully, I’ll have a beautiful complete octo to share soon.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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