Ombre Jumper

Despite all the things I could (should) be finishing I have just started a new jumper. I came to it in a roundabout way as I first saw it on Kick Arse Crochet (love the blog title!) and seeing it there made me go get a copy of Simply Crochet where this pattern could be found (issue 82). It’s called Ombre Jumper by Fran Morgan.

The original pattern is in shades of pinky/peach, but me being me, it had to be in shades of blue. After some pondering I chose some yarn from Hobbycraft that was rather cheaper than the suggested yarn in the pattern. I couldn’t find 3 colours from one brand so I am using Hayfield Something Blue Bonus Aran (at the bottom), then 2 shades of Knitcraft Aran (blue and light blue) as you go up the jumper. Blue Knitcraft Aran looks a lot more greeny blue in person as you can see, although I’m not sure the photo is entirely accurate. Anyway I like it, so who cares?!

It’s a nice straightforward pattern, so it’s nice to relax with when my fingers (and eyes) can’t cope with octopuses and tiny crochet hooks any more! Looking forward to wearing this on soon.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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