Temperature Update

I’ve continued to add stripes to my temperature blanket, although as I have been crocheting various other things, I find myself crocheting it a week or two at once to catch up. I realise now that I started off with too few chains and it’s going to be ridiculously long and thin like some kind of extra wide scarf. So I’ve decided to start a 2nd part the same size from day 123 and connect it to the first part as I go. Then when I get to 244, I’ll stop that one and start another bit and join it to the end. Does that make sense? I’ll have to add an extra row to balance it as 122 x 3 = 366 and it’s not a leap year.

Perhaps this rather stunning diagram will help …

Ahem, yes, I know, it’s rather beautiful, isn’t it 😉

So here’s how it’s looking now, with 122 rows done. I have actually done a few rows of the 2nd part, but there’s not a lot to see, so this is just 122 days worth:

122 days of the temperature blanket. I’ve now realised this is upside down compared to my lovely diagram! All that pink near the top is from that warm spell 18-24 April

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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