Ombre Jumper finished

Finished this today. I’m mostly happy with it although it’s not as nice as the one that inspired it. It’s a little shorter than I’d usually like and being as it’s bottom up I would have needed to add rows at the beginning but I didn’t so I shall just have to get used to the length. It’s comfy and warm and will be useful when it’s colder again.

I am often a little deflated when I finish an item. It’s usually partly to do with how it looked better on the model in the pattern picture, and looked better in my imagination, than it will ever look on me in real life. The problem with my finished items is that I’m wearing them. I feel like I always look daft. Ah well, now I’ve finished the jumper I’d better get back to sewing in the ends of Abi’s cat jumper, then I can take pictures of her instead 🐱

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. I love it. It looks lovely on you 🙂 and you certainly read the pattern properly, unlike me! There is quite a difference between the texture acheived working in the round (like I did) and turning the round each row, isn’t there.

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