Primates of Monkey World

I’m still here! Haven’t had much blogging mojo lately, but here I am. I’m visiting my sister in Dorset and yesterday we had a trip to Monkey World. We hadn’t been there for years so it was lovely to see how it’s changed and how the apes and monkeys have grown up.

Photos aren’t the easiest at Monkey World as of course there are a lot of fences! But there are also viewing areas where there is glass instead of fence, which is better, but then you have to deal with reflections! There is one part where there’s nothing in the way – in the Lemur enclosure you can walk through and see the Lemurs close up with no barriers.

I was quite pleased to get some shots that I was happy with 🙂

Chimp taking his food very seriously
Marmoset peering down from one of their tunnels between enclosures
Woolly Monkey
Ring-tailed Lemur contemplating life
Ring-tailed Lemur posing nicely in front of lots of leave bokeh
Ring-tailed Lemur deep in thought
Paul the Agile Gibbon
Paul the Agile Gibbon
Vietta the Golden-cheeked Gibbon
Vietta the Golden-cheeked Gibbon
Vietta’s feet
Little Mimi the Orangutan
Little Mimi the Orangutan
Squirrel Monkey

We’re planning on going to Compton Acres tomorrow, so no doubt I will be back with some photos of beautiful flowers soon!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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