Compton Acres Hoverflies (and a Bee!)

After a bit of a tricky start involving my car not starting, we did manage to visit Compton Acres yesterday as planned. It was very warm but fortunately there are many shady spots along the way so we didn’t entirely melt! We stopped half way at the cafe for a cold drink and a slice of shortbread to keep us going.

So here is a collection of the many insects who were also enjoying a visit to the gardens.

Hoverfly dangling from a Fuchsia
Hoverfly on Anemone
Hoverfly on Anemone
Honeybee with purple pollen sacs from this Hydrangea
Volucella zonaria (a hoverfly that mimics a Hornet)
Hoverfly on Heather
Hoverfly on Heather
Hoverfly on Heather
Hoverfly on a pink Anemone
Hoverfly on Heather
Hoverfly on Heather

And if you were wondering, my car turned out to be fine. Apparently I had flooded the engine when I popped out and moved it into a different parking space the day before. I had no idea that it could cause problems, but now I have learnt my lesson. Stick with the parking spot you have unless you’re going out for a drive before re-parking!

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