On the Hook 4/1/20

I thought I’d try and do a regular crochet update, and a Saturday morning seems like a good time. So what have I been up to recently?

While I was visiting family for Christmas, I picked up some Caron Simply Soft from Hobbycraft at half price. I was very pleased with this bargain! I’ve started working on the Luna Sweater by Courtney A Clark. It’s a great pattern, which I’m enjoying. I’ve finished the body but I haven’t yet started the sleeves, as I got a bit distracted by other projects (more on that in a minute!). I love how all the raised lines of FPDCs (US terms) look like sun rays 🙂

Here’s the jumper so far:

Part finished Luna Sweater and the yarn used
Luna Sweater, currently sleeveless!

It’s a top-down seamless design. This is how it looked when I first started:

The start of the Luna Sweater which is a ring of crochet
In the beginning

Something that has now distracted me from the sleeves is the Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL (designed by Catherine Bligh) which started yesterday. I bought the yarn as a Christmas present to myself, and it’s exciting to get started using it. So far I’ve made 1 1/2 of the first part which is a square:

1 1/2 squares of the Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL with the yarn and hook used
First 1 1/2 squares of the Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL
Close up of the first square of the Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL
Close up of square 1

The finished blanket is going to look amazing – I just hope I can keep going and not get too left behind when I’m back to work from Monday. There is a lot of switching between colours so it’s probably not a project for beginners, but luckily I have lots of experience so I’m not finding it too tricky. I do tend to get my yarns a bit tangled as I go, but can untangle them again between squares. I’m proud to say that I sewed in the ends of the first square as soon as I finished it, which is unheard of for me! I think I need to be strict with myself as if I don’t there will be hundreds of ends waiting for me at the end!

I’m using the colour scheme Old Rose which has these colours:

Box of yarn containing the Old Rose colour scheme
My yarn delivery – Old Rose colour scheme

This is how my blanket should turn out in the end:

Finished Kaleidoscope Blanket in Old Rose colour scheme. Photo copyright Catherine Bligh
Kaleidoscope Blanket in Old Rose colour scheme, photo © Catherine Bligh

In related news, my daughter and I are working on better storage in our living room where I can put a lot of my yarn. No photos yet as it’s still a bit of a mess, but I’ll show you when it’s ready. Here’s a preview of the new area for some of the plants on top of the new storage:

View of our plants on the top of the new storage area
Preview of the new storage area, showing our plants

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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