Green Hairstreak

I was just thinking about the topic for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Special Spot Shots. My mind went directly to Cors Caron as this is one of my favourite places, one of my most special places. I then thought of the spot where I always see the Green Hairstreak butterflies that I mentioned before, so I was looking up my photos of them. I was surprised to discover that not only were they in the same spot, they were actually photographed on the same day in both 2018 and 2019! So I definitely have to use them for this post – special spot, special timing!

I first found the Green Hairstreaks in 2016. They’re at the farthest point of the boardwalk at Cors Caron, just before you come back to the path (an old railway line) to head back towards the car park and complete the loop. There is a patch of Bilberries on the left, not far from where I once saw an Adder, near a bench where you can take a rest on a hot day. I’d never seen a Green Hairstreak before, ever, so I had to look them up to figure out what they were.

It was May 29th 2016, when I first met them:

They turn upside down to feed from the Bilberry flowers
Fortunately they also post the right way up!

It looks like I didn’t get a shot of them in 2017. It does require you to do the full boardwalk loop so I probably was in too much pain on my visit that year to make it all the way round.

In 2018, I spotted them again on 19th May…

Resting on a nearby Oak sapling
Resting on a nearby Oak sapling

And then we get to 2019, when I visited Cors Caron on exactly the same date, unintentionally, and got more shots of them on 19th May 2019!

Posing on the Bilberry bush
Posing on the Bilberry bush
Seems like it’s looking at me here!
Sideways on a Bramble leaf
One final pose

I just checked and 19th May falls on a Tuesday this year, rather than a weekend… maybe I should book the day off work now!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Beautiful butterflies and so wonderful that you know exactly where … and when … to find them. We have occasionally chanced on a White Letter Hairstreak but the green of the species is a real beauty isn’t it.

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