Drawing the Eye Indoors

I had an urge to take some photos today, but didn’t have much energy to venture out anywhere. So I decided to take some photos of our house plants. We have a bunch of cacti and succulents, and a (slightly random) Fuchsia in our living room. When I saw this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge, I realised some of the pictures I took would fit well. The theme is ‘leading lines’.

Mostly when we think of leading lines they are made by man-made structures like roads, paths, and walls. But there are many you can find in nature, like the line of a river, or the line of the sea along a beach.

As usual with me, I’ve thought about this on a smaller scale…

Firstly my Fuchsia which is happily flowering. I was focusing on the more open flower at the bottom left, and the stalk coming in from the top right draws your eye down to the flower. Well, that’s the intention anyway! 🙂

Another line of the Fuchsia stalk, hopefully drawing your eye along to the leaf on the left.

With this succulent, I was able to focus right into the heart of the whorl of leaves, and the lines of the leaves radiating out from here takes your eye into that centre.

More cacti and succulent photos tomorrow…

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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