On the Hook 18/1/20

This week I have mainly been crocheting squares for the Kaleidoscope CAL. I have now reached the heady heights of 21 completed squares! Only 15 to go!

21 squares … some with ends still to sew in

Yesterday, part 2 of the CAL came out (a triangle), and I’ve done a couple to see what they’re like. I will go back to squares now and finish them all before I get going in earnest with the triangles.

2 triangles, looking a little wonky and wavy edged, but that will all be sorted out in joining later on
This is the sort of position where they will be in relation to the squares

The other day my daughter and I were commenting that our leather sofa is cold when you first sit on it, and saying we should have a blanket over it. We already snuggle ourselves with crochet blankets on cold evenings, but we don’t have one big enough to cover the sofa. As I’ve recently had a yarn sort-out, I was aware of how many small balls of yarn I have, so I decided that I will make a simple granny square style blanket from random small balls or leftover bits of yarn.

So far it looks more like a scarf, but it’s growing. I work on this when I need a break from thinking as it’s very simple to do. It’s a world away from the complex and elegant Kaleidoscope blanket, but is perfect for brightening up and warming our sofa. A blanket that I won’t want to save for special occasions, that will be practical and fun 🙂

It’s going to be a mass of all sorts of colours and is very soothing to make 🙂
Very colourful
Extreme close up … I do like the simplest of styles of crochet sometimes

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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