On the Hook, 1/2/20

I finished my 36 squares for the Kaleidoscope CAL this week:

Revealing the massive tower of squares!
This was taken before I finished sewing in the ends. I have now done them all!

I got them all done and dusted (including ends) last Sunday. So proud to have got them all done.

Of course then it was time to get working on part 2 again. Quite slow progress as I’ve only managed to get 8 of the part 2 triangles done so far:

8 part 2 triangles, looking like some kind of veggie pizza 🙂

Then part 3 came out yesterday, which is more triangles with the same pattern but different colours. I’ve done 3 of these so far. I am enjoying this colour scheme more than the part 2 triangles.

Part 3 triangles – only one has its ends sewn in, but I will do the rest, honest!

So I now need to just get on and make lots of triangles. 20 more part 2 triangles and 25 more part 3 triangles. It’s going to take a while, but like with the squares, I’m getting used to the pattern and so it’s getting easier and faster. Hopefully I’ll get a fair few done before part 4 comes out on the 14th.

I’ve also added some more rounds to my sofa blanket that I told you about a couple of weeks back. It’s nice and relaxing to do and is getting very colourful!

Lots of random colours here, using up odds and ends of yarn

Confession time… although I said I was going to use my stash and not buy more yarn, I have actually bought some! There is a pattern in Inside Crochet (issue 122) called ‘Zelda Shawl’ and it is a shallow triangle with blocks of colour. I started thinking instead of using colour blocks, it would look really nice with some self-striping rainbow yarn. Of course, I don’t have any in my stash so I was forced to buy some. What else could I do? I got a good price on Ebay for King Cole Riot DK in rainbow, and now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. I imagine I might well be tempted to start working on my idea when the yarn arrives, even though I should be making triangles!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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