Birds of Folly Farm

I’m glad we weren’t planning on going to the zoo today! Going last weekend was a good choice. This week we have strong winds and rain, with an amber weather warning, so staying indoors is the best idea.

Despite staying indoors I can I still share some of my pictures from last week and remember what fun we had 🙂 Today, I’m sharing photos of the birds we met.

I was intrigued by the Emus and the sounds they made – very deep rumbling and drumming. Really quite odd. They look so unusual, quite fascinating. You can see how birds and dinosaurs are related when you see birds like Emus.

Look into my eyes!
Do you think I’m beautiful? (yes!)

Another interesting bird was this Grey Crowned Crane. He spent a while hopping about flapping his wings before posing nicely for photos. I think it was a breeding display.

Look at my beautiful wings!
Look at them from this angle too!
Flapping my wings and hopping about? I don’t know what you mean? I’m very calm and elegant!

There were some ‘normal’ ducks, and this one that I hadn’t seen before – what a lovely colour! It’s a Ruddy Shelduck.

I keep my feathers so tidy, lots of preening required

This guy has a rather unusual adornment on his head! He’s a Northern Helmeted Curassow. You can tell why they call him ‘helmeted’!

Isn’t my helmet fancy?

I was very taken with the Blue Cranes, although I didn’t get the shots I would have liked. They’re so elegant and graceful. These were my best photos of them:

Ah, a nice drink is just what I need
Look at me – I can stand on one leg and still look elegant! Such poise!

Finally, the penguins! We enjoyed watching these guys swimming about from the underwater viewing area, as well as seeing them on land.

Such a lovely blissful nap
We’re ready for you to take our photo now. Quick post it on instagram to show how loved up we are ❤
Aww we love eachother so much ❤
Ugh all this romance, I’ll just stand on this rock and pretend it’s not happening

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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