It is Valentine’s Day, but rather than thinking about traditional romance, I’m thinking of something a bit more solid and profound. We can get caught up in the thrill of romance … hearts, flowers, chocolates, verses in cards. They’re lovely, but what’s more important (in my opinion) is that deep, unspoken togetherness. That trust and confidence you have in ‘your person’, the companionship, the silent knowledge that you are there for them, and they are there for you. You might not express it in a traditional way, but it’s no less valuable in its quiet gentleness. It may be a partner, or a friend. Whoever they are, they’re the one you rely on, the one you go to when you need a hug, the one who makes you feel safe and cared for. I hope you are lucky enough to have found your person and can celebrate the depth and breadth of your connection in whatever way works best for you.

Here are some Pigmy Mongooses (Mongeese?) from our trip to the zoo who seem to love each other’s company. They seem to me to show that togetherness I’m thinking of. No fancy stuff, just quiet gentle togetherness.

You might have already seen these photos from previous posts, but here they are again for Valentine’s Day 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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