On the Hook, 22/2/20

Now that the rainbow shawl/scarf is finished, I’ve gone back to working on the Kaleidoscope CAL. Part 4 came out last Friday and on Saturday after I posted last week’s update I had a go at this new part. There are 24 triangles to make in part 4, 12 in one colour scheme and 12 in the other. I made one of each on Saturday:

For some reason I enjoyed the one on the left (Candyfloss) more than the one on the right (Pale Rose) even though they’re exactly the same pattern! Perhaps I just enjoy the colours more. I’ve now got 7 of the Candyfloss ones done, and still just the one Pale Rose triangle.

After making a bunch of these triangles, I thought I should go back and do more of part 2 and 3. Part 3’s colours are easier to work with as the base colour is a lighter colour, so I ended up doing some of those, but none of part 2.

I now have 10 triangles from part 3:

I’m not actually blocking them, but they curl up a lot, so they’re easier to photograph when pinned down. So I pin them, take a photo and then pop them in my bag of completed parts. I say completed … but some of them do need their ends sewn in. Not actually that many really, as I have been quite good, but I should probably have an end-sewing session soon.

While I was doing the pinning and photographing, Bobby (the cat) was not terribly impressed. He wanted attention, so he sat and sulked on the back of the sofa until I was finished!

Inspired by my daughter creating a bullet journal, I decided it would be nice to have a visual way to record my progress in the CAL. So I made a little grid for each part and I’m crossing squares off when I’ve made another part:

It’s not anywhere near as fancy as what my daughter has been doing with her bullet journalling – it’s a work of art with beautiful drawings and all manner of washi tapes. Mine is just the basics to keep track 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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