A different angle

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is ‘Change Your Perspective’, and as my orchid was right there next to me I thought perhaps I could try some different angles on the flowers to get a different perspective from the way I usually photograph it.

It now has 3 flowers and they face in different directions. I would normally take a photo from the front, focusing on the yellow callus in the middle of a flower. For this challenge I tried photos from different directions.

Looking at the central flower from behind, the other two flowers are side on.
Taking a photo from this angle also shows that there are tiny droplets of water on the stalk. You may also notice that below the flowers, and to the right of them there are growing tips, so there will be more flowers 😀 (If you want a closer look, click on the photo to see it full-size)
Side-on, the Orchid is very odd shape! The column in the centre almost looks like an elephant’s trunk, or the snout of a weevil!
I was taking a photo from the opposite direction, and it turned out that the background that way became almost black, in stark contrast to the flower.
This one is my favourite I think.

It has been a really interesting exercise looking at my orchid from a different angle, and has made me even more fascinated by this beautiful flower.

At the start of this post I talked about normally going straight on, focusing on the callus. Me being me, of course, I didn’t just randomly call that the callus, I spent a good while researching what you call the different parts of an Orchid flower! And then I decided to mark them on one of my previous head-on photos 🙂 So if you are ever wondering what to call a part of an Orchid, pop back here to check! Who knew that those petals aren’t all petals? Some are actually sepals!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I will admit there is little likelihood that I’ll be studying the parts of the orchid but I love the way to portrayed them. That image could be in any flower book or magazine. As for the images, great job Suzy. My favorite is the first black background image but they are all wonderful

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  2. Ah, lovely take on – orchids are my favorites, and now I learned something new as well! The different parts of it! Educational photos and beautiful as well – I agree on your choice of favorite.

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  3. Hi, Suzy. Beautiful shots and a great experiment. I think the 2 shots against the black background really highlight the petals, shape of the flower and the color. Well done!

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  4. Excellent photos of the orchids. They are my favorite flowers. A friend from Thailand sent me photos of her orchids from time to time. I watched the David Attenborough’s documentary last night and learned that there are 25,000 orchid species!! I like the angles of the first two!

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