The topic of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Reflections and I had a look through my archives for some suitable pictures. While finding these pictures I was reminded how much I love Cors Caron, and that I’m looking forward to going for a visit when damselfly and dragonfly season gets started.

So here are some reflections:

The main pond at Cors Caron, as it was back in 2012. More recently this area has been drained as part of managing the bog
This one is rather more recent, taken last year – this is again Cors Caron in the area near the hide.
At different times of year the colours of Cors Caron change, and the reflections are of the bare bones of the trees. Photo from March 2013.
Ducks often visit Cors Caron, as well as swans, geese and herons.

There is water in my own garden too, but you can’t really get such dramatic reflections on a small pond. I don’t let that stop me though …

This is a photo of a Scabious flower by my pond at home. While you can’t see a reflection, all that bokeh is caused by the reflection of the sunlight on the pond’s water.

A couple more oldies here, taken in 2013 at Coy Pond in Bournemouth. There are of course the reflections of the ducks, but also the many trees around the pond, and houses. And I think the blue in the bottom photo may have come from a parked car!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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