Busy as a Bee (but not a Bee!)

It’s hard to carry on as normal when the world is in chaos and we’re all wondering what will happen. But it’s important for our mental health to try and do normal things, especially when there is nothing practical we can do to make things better. We can feel helpless and anxious, so keeping busy and taking our mind off it at least for a while can help.

In the summer, you often find that a particular flower or group of flowers descends into chaos on a warm sunny day, with many insects gathering. To them it probably all seems calm and ordered, but while you’re watching many insects flying about it can seem chaotic. Sitting among the chaos of nature, it’s possible to find calm. Let’s hope we can all find moments of calm and quietness, among the chaos across the globe. Wishing you good health, both mental & physical x

These hoverflies (not bees!) are all busy on this thistle flower, going about their business.
This shot gives more of a chaotic feel as the hoverflies busy themselves on this ragwort as another flies in.
Hoverflies also enjoy a tasty dandelion, and in this photo they’re a mass of wings and stripes in beautiful chaos.
And just to show that it’s not just the hoverflies who are busy, here’s a scabious flower with a busy hoverfly (top) and a busy bee (bottom)!

This post was inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Chaos.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Suzy, thank you for soothing photos and reminding us to do normal things as much as we can! I guess this kind of chaos we are seeing now, will come again… This is not the end of it. So, like in nature – we had better try to get used to it, embracing it as a part of our lives. Stay safe and stay well!

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