On the Hook, 21/3/20

Despite the massive changes going on locally and around the world, some things are still the same. I’m clinging onto those things, holding them close, and trying not to dissolve into a puddle of anxiety. So let’s keep normal service going and do my regular update of what I’ve been crocheting this week.

Like last week, no progress with the Kaleidoscope CAL, but I’ve been working on my lilac cardi, and took a short break from that to make my daughter a scarf/shawl.

Let’s start with the one that’s finished 🙂

Here’s my daughter beautifully modelling her new scarf/shawl. It was made with some stash yarn and a very large hook! The yarn is Sirdar Denim Ultra – Mega Chunky with Cotton and Wool. Not sure if they make this anymore, it’s from the depths of the stash, and is probably older than my daughter is! I needed to use a 10mm hook which felt so weird compared with the 4mm I’m using for my cardi.

Here’s what it looks like when not worn. It’s a gently sloping triangle very much like my rainbow scarf/shawl, but obviously a lot chunkier! I only had 2 balls of this yarn, so I just kept on increasing until I was coming to the end of ball 1 and then started decreasing so I wouldn’t run out before the end. It was a quick make, just took a couple of evenings.

I’ve been working on the cardi as well, and I’ve just got to the armholes, always an exciting point to reach.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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